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7 minutes read
26 Jan 2023
Monitoring of Metrics and Other Features of Acure 2.2
Elena Hawk
Why It Is Important to Collect Metrics Metrics are an essential part of data monitoring. They are used to measure, track and analyze the performance of a system, process or...
35 minutes read
20 Sep 2022
Guide To Event Correlation in AIOps
Artur Koppel
What is Event Correlation? For those who are unfamiliar, event correlation is the practice of interpreting and evaluating the thousands of events that can be generated by various...
17 minutes read
29 Dec 2022
Top 10 Observability Tools to Pay Attention to in 2023
Elena Hawk
The Importance of Data Observability The use of data observability is becoming increasingly important as organizations strive to gain analytical insights from their data. By...
3 minutes read
22 Dec 2022
Acure Life Hacks: Local Function for Event Name Conversion
Elena Hawk
Acure allows you to connect data from a wide variety of monitoring tools. However, events from primary systems often have complex names that do not help to simplify the analysis of the...
4 minutes read
16 Dec 2022
Acure 2.1: Manual Signals, Table CMDB and Many More
Elena Hawk
Manual Creation of Signals 👨‍💻 In the last update, we released a new dynamic feature instead of static triggers - signals - that report the changes of any parameter from the...
11 minutes read
01 Dec 2022
The New Trends and New Stars in the Big Data
Pam Dawson
Big Data   Big data refers to the enormous, complicated volumes of data that might be either structured or unstructured. However, what organizations do with the data...
11 minutes read
17 Nov 2022
Low-code as a Future of Development and Its Realization in Acure
Elena Hawk
What is Low-code? Low-code is a development method that minimizes manual programming. Instead of hard coding, visual constructors are used for application modeling and ready-made...
15 minutes read
07 Nov 2022
A Complete Guide to Root Cause Analysis 
Pam Dawson
What is Root Cause Analysis? A root cause is an element that contributes to nonconformance and ought to be permanently removed via process improvement. The root cause of the problem...
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