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Elena Hawk
Content Manager at Acure.io
Posts by Elena Hawk
11 minutes read
17 Nov 2022
Low-code as a Future of Development and Its Realization in Acure
Elena Hawk
What Is Low-code? Low-code is a development method that minimizes manual programming. Instead of hard coding, visual constructors are used for application modeling and ready-made...
Autonomous IT Talks
15 minutes read
28 Oct 2022
How DevOps and Other IT Pros Survive Transformational Shift
Elena Hawk
About DevOps dimensions "It is famously said that every company is a software company. And I would like to extend by saying that today in 2022, every company is a DevOps company....
10 minutes read
12 Oct 2022
ACURE 2.0 Is Officially Released
Elena Hawk
We're excited to bring you Acure 2.0! Now we are even closer to the concept of “Monitoring as a code'', we removed synthetic triggers replacing them with a dynamic correlation...
17 minutes read
26 Jul 2022
4 Best Free Log Monitoring Tools (2022)
Elena Hawk
To understand the whole picture, you need a view from above, collecting all the important signals in one system and working with big data in it. In the case of AIOps, we collect data...

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