The complete tool for noise reduction, root cause analysis and 0‑level automation

Ensure continuous availability with automatic, actionable insights when collaborating across your incident workflow using Acure. - Turn IT noise into
automated actions

Many IT Ops teams struggle with manual, reactive incident response.

Their capabilities are ill-suited for the scale, complexity and velocity of modern IT environments. This results in painful outages, unhappy customers, growing IT headcount and the inability to focus on innovation.

Built from the ground-up for complex and dynamic IT environments, Acure helps organizations prevent and resolve IT outages through its innovative AIOps event correlation and automation tools. - Connect your tools

10 minutes from registration to the first dependency map

Collect your data from disparate tools and rapidly visualize it in one window

Pre-configured templates for popular monitoring systems

Pick a specific template and connect the data stream in just a few clicks - Get started
in 3 simple steps

Step 1. Isolate the Signals from the noise

Acure aggregates, normalizes and enriches events collected from various monitoring tools and uses low-code scenarios to correlate alerts into actionable insights - Signals.

IT operation teams can detect incidents earlier, before they become failures.

Step 2. Build an automatic Dependency Map and perform a Root Cause Analysis

Acure provides rapid identification of the root cause of an incident. This includes mapping the impact of various technical resources on business services, identifying service and infrastructure changes that cause incidents and highlighting possible bottlenecks.

The dependency map is built automatically based on data from your existing monitoring systems and other tools. This is vital for dynamic environments, such as modern cloud ecosystems and microservices on Kubernetes.

Step 3. Automate the whole routine of 0-level support

Acure optimizes incident response through automation of grouping incidents into Signals, two-way ticketing, notifications and chat creation.

Running built-in scripted automation tools with low-code and external runbooks allows workflows to be automated for faster incident response.

No longer need to routinely fix recurring problems.

faster incident

Goal: Reduce the time of detecting and repairing the incidents affecting critical IT services

Solution: Complex infrastructure and full business service observability

faster investigation

Goal: Reduce incident investigation time and increase service uptime

Solution: Automatically build service topology maps from virtualization systems and mapping of object states

less time to resolve

Goal: Provide a service with an intelligent assistant and reduce incident routing time to work groups

Solution: Combine Prometheus, Zabbix and the Knowledge Base data to configure intelligent automation rules - Try next generation AIOps tool

  • 10 minutes from registration to the first data visualization
  • Low-code editor instead of hardcoding
  • Built-in templates
  • To 1000 eps
  • Up to 5GB of daily data
  • Unlimited automation scenarios, users and role
  • Your price now is $0
  • Customization according your specific needs
  • Flexible and developer-friendly platform

8 FAQs

Do I need a corporate email address to sign up?

No, you don’t need a corporate email address to sign up. You can sign up with any of your email, or via Gmail and Facebook accounts.

Do I need a credit card to start using Acure?

No, you do not need a credit card. If you need to increase the amount of data processed or tests conducted, then you can add your credit card and buy the necessary packages or add-ons on our marketplace.

How many users can sign up from an organization?

Within one space you can connect an unlimited number of users.

Is the Acure Platform only for cloud users?

No, we are currently offering Free Acure Platform services for cloud users, but we are always open to discussion with large enterprises to provide any custom solutions for your business. Please, visit this page to contact us.

Where can I learn more about Acure?

We try to support our users with up-to-date information through communication channels such as weekly newsletters, blogs, and social media.

Where can I find Acure documentation?

Please, find the documentation here.

I have an idea how to make Acure better, how can we collaborate?

We are actively growing our community and ready to offer excellent partnership services. Please, contact our community manager via

Why is Acure free?

Our platform is free for IT professionals, but if you need more data gathering and managing big IT infrastructure it will not be free. You can choose right plan on this page.