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6 minutes read
06 Feb 2023
How to Become a Site Reliability Engineer?
Elena Hawk
Do you want to begin a career in IT but don't feel interested in traditional positions like software development? Do you pay close attention to details and enjoy solving minute...
4 minutes read
12 Jan 2023
Examples of Business Impact Analysis for IT Infrastructure
Artur Koppel
IT failures happen, and analyzing their impact delivers greater insight into the company’s performance. Additionally, understanding what business impact analysis in ITIL is can help...
10 minutes read
09 Jan 2023
How to Build Your Career As an IT Operations Manager?
Stefen Shaefer
What Is IT Ops? IT stands for information technology, which describes the use of hardware and software to create, store, process, and obtain data across a network. In today's...
Autonomous IT Talks
15 minutes read
28 Oct 2022
How DevOps and Other IT Pros Survive Transformational Shift
Elena Hawk
About DevOps dimensions "It is famously said that every company is a software company. And I would like to extend by saying that today in 2022, every company is a DevOps company....
6 minutes read
24 Oct 2022
How To Test a Network Connectivity by Using CMD Ping
Stefen Shaefer
The latency result is the same as the output of the cmd ping test. Small latency, or low ping, is crucial for more than just online gaming. Significant latency lowers the effectiveness...
9 minutes read
20 Oct 2022
5 Ways Why AIOps is the Future of ITOps (Gartner)
Pam Dawson
The abbreviation AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. AIOps refers to the process of automating and enhancing IT operations by using analytics and machine...
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