AIOps Observability
& Automation Platform

Flexible configuration of integration and a powerful automation system

Collection and aggregation
  • Tests
  • Changes
  • Events
  • Requests
  • Logs
Enrichment and preprocessing
  • ML
  • Topology
  • DataBase
  • CMDB
  • Time
  • Topology
  • Context
  • Low-code
  • Cases
  • Incidents
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Notifications
  • Escalations
  • Scenarios
  • Scripts
Role model
A single ecosystem for monitoring and resolving typical cases

Modern hybrid IT environments comprise numerous dynamic parts and need observability:

  • Get necessary insights for preventing and eliminating failures before they negatively affect your business.

Acure represents over-time dependences in all environments, no matter whether you use Dynatrace, Jager, PRTG, SCOM, Zabbix, Nagios or any other solution:

  • We aggregate all insights in one place. No data transfer required. Acure allows immediate response to prevent and resolve incidents and cases.
Architecture for any scale

Easy installation in your cloud or hybrid infrastructure, short time to benefit:

  • Virtual machine image & installation wizard
  • Installation wizard for flexible configuration in your environment

Microservice architecture for high loads and exceptional reliability:

  • Kubernetes as a continuous component update orchestrator
  • Flexible infrastructure scaling in case of a load spike
Low-code automation engine

The low-code, C#-based automation engine ensures flexile and simple configuration:

  • Visual programming (or a script language) helps create custom scenarios
  • Managing processes based on external and internal system events
  • Wide range of template and snippets, from notification scenarios to automated configuration model creation
  • Connecting external CMDBs and topology data sources in a few clicks
  • Implementing rules of any complexity based on preset functional units
  • Scenario templating and sharing for easy scaling within the company
Customizable connectors and agents

Build your own integration with any data source for end-to-end observability and collaboration:

  • Agents for collecting data from any source or receiving data at an HTTP endpoint
  • Templates for integration with popular monitoring systems and ITSM solutions
  • Integrating all monitoring and control systems into a single-window interface
  • Integrations with rare and shared monitoring and collaboration systems in a few hours
  • Restful HTTP API for complete data presentation to external systems
  • Quick actions for deep integration with the existing workflows in your collaboration systems

High data security standards will not intruders to access the system to attack:

  • SSL protocol for data exchange between system components
  • Secure SignalR protocol for agent-coordinator communication
  • Role-based data access model
  • Complex password and user management policies
  • User activity logs
  • CI change history
  • Extended SSO authentication and integration with AD
User roles
Shared data space for multiple teams

Role-based model and system entity ownership help establish a convenient shared data space for information exchange and safe collaboration:

  • Distributing commands between Work Groups
  • Allocating data access rights depending on affiliation with owner Work Groups
  • Multirole model that helps configure user access to system functions easily and quickly
  • Hiding data from or sharing data with other teams

Why acure?


Why us?
Flexibility & low-code automation engine
  • Proprietary plugin development
  • Extra module development
  • Connecting shared libraries
  • Wide open-source API
  • Low-code correlation logic
  • Low-code automation
No need to ditch
tools you know
  • Zero vendor lock
  • Collecting data from any monitoring systems
  • No staff retraining needed
  • Versatile data models
Instantly ready for high business loads
  • Highly scalable microservice architecture
  • Installation in a graphic interface
  • Role model and work groups
  • External authorization
  • Extended vendor support
  • Dozens of partners