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Artur Koppel
Sr. Data Engineer, Columnist

Senior data engineer in logistics company, TalTech lecturer. More than 25 years in IT and extensive experience with monitoring systems.

“The only thing I love more than working with data is to talk about it. Sharing experience and charging others with this love, whether it be articles or lectures, is a great pleasure. If I managed to make at least one person an adept of our IT monitoring world, then I am doing everything right,” – Artur

Posts by Artur Koppel
35 minutes read
20 Sep 2022
Guide To Event Correlation in AIOps
Artur Koppel
What is Event Correlation? For those who are unfamiliar, event correlation is the practice of interpreting and evaluating the thousands of events that can be generated by various...
8 minutes read
16 Jun 2022
Observability vs. Monitoring: You Should Know This!
Artur Koppel
The complexity of enterprise IT and software-driven commercial product development is accelerating. The internet provides IT infrastructure services from enormous data facilities...
4 minutes read
10 Jun 2022
What is Data Aggregation? In a Few Simple Words
Artur Koppel
It's a very scalable operation and relies heavily on the ability to organize often complex information into a much more digestible format. The successful aggregation of data can...
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