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Pam Dawson
Tech-Journalist, Data Science Enthusiast

Master’s degree in IT Business analytics. After working as an IT analyst for an American telecommunications company, she found her recognition in technical writing. Currently, a freelancer tweeting about IT systems, analytics, big data, etc.

“Big data analytics may sound boring, but it really isn’t! And in my articles, I prove it,” – Pam

Posts by Pam Dawson
11 minutes read
01 Dec 2022
The New Trends and New Stars in the Big Data
Pam Dawson
Big Data   Big data refers to the enormous, complicated volumes of data that might be either structured or unstructured. However, what organizations do with the data...
15 minutes read
07 Nov 2022
A Complete Guide to Root Cause Analysis 
Pam Dawson
What is Root Cause Analysis? A root cause is an element that contributes to nonconformance and ought to be permanently removed via process improvement. The root cause of the problem...
15 minutes read
27 Oct 2022
A Complete Guide to CMDB  
Pam Dawson
What Is Configuration Management Database?  CMDB is a database that serves as a data warehouse that stores details on your IT environment, including the hardware and software...
7 minutes read
20 Oct 2022
5 Ways Why AIOps is the Future of ITOps (Gartner)
Pam Dawson
The abbreviation AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. AIOps refers to the process of automating and enhancing IT operations by using analytics and machine...
16 minutes read
06 Sep 2022
The 8 Most Important ITSM Metrics You Always Forget About
Pam Dawson
When planning your IT service management (ITSM) strategy it is crucial to understand how successful your service management efforts are. In this article, we will examine the 8 most...
22 minutes read
01 Jul 2022
What Is AIOps? +20 Best Tools (2022)
Pam Dawson
For data analysts, the complexity of data has been a major source of stress because millions of redundant chunks of information are generated and stored daily, making detecting any...
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