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Stefen Shaefer
IT Analyst, Business Consultant

More than 8 years of experience in IT: from support to analyst and business consultant in a large Austrian product company. The rest of the time, with the help of articles, he talks about the insides of the IT world and shares his experience with everyone who is involved or just interested in it.

“IT for me is not just a job, it’s a life. And like modern bloggers, I love to share this life with others,” – Stefen.

Posts by Stefen Shaefer
6 minutes read
21 Mar 2023
The Complete Guide to 5xx Server Errors: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention
Stefen Shaefer
What are 5xx Server Errors? 5xx server errors are HTTP status codes that indicate that the server was unable to fulfill a request made by the client. The "5" in 5xx indicates that...
6 minutes read
01 Feb 2023
What Is SRE? A Deep Dive into Principles and Best Practices
Stefen Shaefer
Site reliability engineering (SRE) provides a revolutionary approach to IT infrastructure processes, eliminating common issues with system functionality and streamlining product...
14 minutes read
18 Jan 2023
What Is Observability? How Can You Improve IT Operations?
Stefen Shaefer
Defining Observability If your business depends on complex, interconnected computer systems, you might have heard the word "observability" in the context of system design. Many...
10 minutes read
09 Jan 2023
How to Build Your Career As an IT Operations Manager?
Stefen Shaefer
What Is IT Ops? IT stands for information technology, which describes the use of hardware and software to create, store, process, and obtain data across a network. In today's...
6 minutes read
24 Oct 2022
How To Test a Network Connectivity by Using CMD Ping
Stefen Shaefer
The latency result is the same as the output of the cmd ping test. Small latency, or low ping, is crucial for more than just online gaming. Significant latency lowers the effectiveness...
7 minutes read
30 Sep 2022
Top 10 DevOps Trends That Could Become Mainstream
Stefen Shaefer
What Is DevOps? Before we start talking about current DevOps trends... DevOps is the combination of software developers (dev) and operations (ops). Its purpose is to improve the...
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